Mark Nizer 4D appeals to everyone. Humor on several levels will reach the broad range of your audience without offending or talking down to them. Mark can also tailor shows to a specific audience. Mark has done everything from Corporate Key Notes, Disney Family Events and College Comedy Nights.


Mark partners with SIRI of iPhone fame in his new Juggling Across the Curriculum 2.0 program. This unique event, teaches kids while entertaining them. Teachers can even select the topics that are important to them, online and Mark can build the show around that. A perfect way to promote a evening show, teach kids with a fun program and bring the community together.

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Mark Nizer 4D takes the guess work out of building a audience. With 3D in the title you will have an instant crowd.

To quote Jeffrey Gabel, Founding Executive Director of the Gettysburg Majestic Theater, "With 3-D in the show's title, the tickets flew out of the box office as fast as Mark can spit ping pong balls."

Just provide a theater and give your crew the night off. Mark runs all lights, video, sound and automation. Mark plugs into your existing equipment (or can bring his own). A short tech meeting and setup with your light and sound person before the show is all that is needed. Mark runs all the tech during the show.

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What is Needed for the show?

  • A Room that can be blacked out.
  • A Stage Area of 12x16
  • A minimum of a 12' ceiling

That's It.

Mark runs all lights, sound and video.
Freeing you up to enjoy the show.

Mark Nizer 4D Show details

Mark Nizer 4D is the only live 3D show in the world. Mark's original idea is to take live performance and add a 4th dimension to it. Conventional 3D takes two dimensional video and adds a third dimension. By using special 3D glasses (not like normal 3D movie glasses), Mark Nizer 4D takes two dimensional movies and three dimensional live performance and adds a dimension to both.

Mark Nizer 4D begins with a special 3D intro.

The 4D pieces include:

Dueling Pianos:
Mark plays piano by bouncing balls on a specially built floor piano. The balls, piano and video all have an extra dimension added to them. The balls appear to leap out over the audience while the 3D background reacts in real time to the balls hitting the piano, appearing to come out into the crowd.

Mark has built a complete robot suit that he wears and becomes a live part of a video virtual world. As part of the program, Mark juggles glowing red balls move out into the audience and appear to project out to the crowd. This piece continues with 5 hoops changing colors and depth with every throw.

Laser Diabolo:
Mark's unique invention takes a conventional prop and changes the rules completely. Lasers built into the diabolo project out over the audience and with the addition of fog and glasses, brings it out even further for an amazing 4D light show.

18 lazer beams dance around the stage and change depth as Mark manipulates them in total darkness. The special 3D glasses pulling the red light forward for a visual surprise that has to be seen to be believed.

The show closes with 3D credits that will have the audience laughing themselves silly.

NOTE: All these pieces work great in the normal show without glasses. The 3D glasses simply take the show to another level. Two options for you to choose from.


"Mark Nizer is the best juggler on the road today and very funny too. With 3-D in the show's title, the tickets flew out of the box office as fast as Mark can spit ping pong balls."
- Jeffrey Gabel,
Founding Executive Director:
Gettysburg Majestic Theater

"Mark has an awesome show. Mark is the first entertainer all year to receive a standing ovation. One of the best shows we have had..."
-Director of Student Activities
Waldorf College

"Mark Nizer is the genuine thing. More than an incredible juggler, he is a talented entertainer who can take any situation and run with exceptional blend of comedy and the art of juggling."
-Campus Activities Magazine

"Mark Nizer (I would fly around the world to see that act) was a show stopper!"
-Dan Halkyard/ Producer/Director
Rose Center Theater

"Mark, it was an absolute pleasure on our part to work with you!! I’m still hearing from folks raving about the show today".
-Eric Zala
- Mary C. O'Keefe Cultural Center


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