Items Needed for the Show

The following is a list of the items needed for Mark Nizer's Performance and will need to be purchased prior to the event.

If Mark is flying in, some of these items are restricted from aircraft, others are fragile or perishable. For your convenience we have included a photo of each item and links to online purchase options if available.

*NOTE: If Mark is driving to the venue "aircraft restricted*" items and "toilet tissue" may not be needed. Please check with us to determine your situation. To give you an idea if this applies to you look at Marks' online tour schedule and see if he is booked nearby the day before. Mark is based in Charlottesville, VA and drives to gigs within a eight hour radius.

All of these items can be purchased at your local Super Walmart for about $12.00 total.
Click here to locate your nearest Walmart.

Many of these are also available at your local super markets, hardware stores, sporting goods/camping stores, KMART and Target. Check below for more details.

OPTIONAL - Camping Fuel* - 1 gallon or quart

Also known as Coleman White Gas.

Comes in two types:

  • Coleman
  • Ozark Trail

Costs: between $3.00-$7.00 US

Available at: Walmart, KMART, Target and most sporting goods and camping stores.

Note: This is optional. If no pyro is allowed, do not buy this.

Scott Toilet Tissue 1000 sheet - 4 Pack (2 rolls per show)

Costs: approx. $4.00 US

Available at: Walmart, KMART, Target and most Super Markets.

Note: The Scott™ Brand is important. Not all toilet tissue is the same.

Apple - 1 EXTREMELY large apple (per show)

Get the largest you can find. You may choose any type. It all about size.

Costs: .75¢ US

Available at: Super Walmart and any Super Market.


Water - 3 one liter bottles (per show)

Costs: $3.00 US

Note: Mark prefers tap water. If you can supply that in a stage safe container that would be great.


Banana - 1 RIP banana (per show)

Costs: .50¢ US

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