Is your juggler "really" a champion?
Every Juggler Claims They are a Champion Juggler
Who really is? Who is bending the truth?

According to the New York Times Sports Magazine June 2008;
"The IJA Individual Championships is the closest thing in juggling to an Olympic contest".
So how can 90% of jugglers claim they are World Champions? They can't!

Here is a list of the winners of 1st Place in the Individual IJA Championships:
  • Mark Nizer
  • Andrew Head
  • Miguel Herrera
  • Fritz Grobe
  • Tony Duncan
  • Françoise Rochais
  • Greg Kennedy
  • Vladik Miagkostoupov
  • Jason Garfield
  • Adam Kariotis
  • Michael Price
  • Matt Henry
  • Jason Garfield
  • Bill Berry
  • Thomas Dietz
  • Ryo Yabe
  • Artem Khomanko
  • Thomas Dietz
  • Edward Jackman
  • Michael Kass
  • Tommy Curtin
  • Peter Davison
  • Allan Jacobs
  • Albert Lucas
  • Andrew Head
  • Anthony Gatto
  • Benji Hill
  • Jeff Mason
  • Cindy Marvell
  • Vova Galchenko
  • Doug Sayers
  • Jorden Moir
If you don't see the juggler that is claiming they are a World Champion then they are lying.
Perhaps they were a member of a team act that won?
Keep in mind winning as a team is differnet than winning as a individual.
Here is a list of the winners of 1st Place in the Team IJA Championships:
  • Jonglissimo - Christoph Mitasch, Manuel Mitasch
  • MHD (William Wei-Liang Lin, Ting-Chin Hsu)
  • Jonglissimo (Christoph Mitasch & Manuel Mitasch)
  • Olga & Vova Galchenko
  • Team Rootberry (Jonathan Root & Bill Berry)
  • Saccade (Greg Kennedy & Chris Ivey)
  • The LaSalle Brothers (Jake & Marty LaSalle)
  • Redefining Gravity (Heather Hackett & Darin Marriott)
  • The Mad Five
  • Les Tourisks
  • Mark & Charlie Peachock
  • Dew Drop Jugglers (Mick Lunzer, Jeff Kasper, Jason LeMay)
  • Magnificent Material Movers(Felker,Tenenbaum,Davison)
  • Gravity's Last Stand (Carvill, Fry, Gagnepain)
  • Sharpe Brothers
  • Blink (Jay Gilligan, Fritz Grobe, Morty Hansen)
  • Crash & Burn (David Cain & Jay Gilligan)
  • Chuck Gunter & Benji Hill
  • Doubble Troubble (Nick & Alex Karvounis)
  • Darn, Good & Funny (Kevin Holman, Karen Phariss, Paul Phariss)
  • The Passing Zone (Owen Morse & Jon Wee)
  • Raspyni Brothers (Dan Holzman & Barry Friedman)
  • Manic Expressions (K.C. Canter, Tommy Gabriel, Mark Lippard)
  • Jet Set Jugglers (Eastman Webber & Richard Chesbrough)
  • Benji Hill & Dana Tison
  • Raspyni Brothers (Dan Holzman, Barry Friedman)
  • Bryan Wendling & Scott Burton
  • Airjazz (Davison, Held, Tenenbaum)
  • The Jugheads
  • Dream Team
  • The Wimbledon Brothers - Dan Berg and Bruce Pfeffer
There are several other events at the IJA that you can win medals at. Below is a definition of those events and what the event is. You may want to ask for clarifycation from an act to see exactly why they are a "World champion juggler". If it is from the events listed below you may want to think twice about who you are hiring.

3 Ball Open: Do as many different 3 ball tricks as you can. Drop don't count. Performances doesn't count.

Numbers: Juggling the most objects the longest. Performance not rated.

Joggling: Run as fast as you can while juggling

Juniors: Open to kids 18 and younger.


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