Mark Nizer 3D

The only LIVE 3D show in the world.

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Mark Nizer full 90 minute Paramount show will include brand new material.


  • Live Heart Rate Monitoring of Mark during a particularly grueling routine.
  • Mark partners with SIRI of iPhone fame with hilarious results.
  • Mark introduces MIDI GLOVES and creates an rich musical world using this new technology.
  • The Nizer BeltCam™ will give you a view of exactly what Mark sees while he is performing LIVE and in REAL TIME.


"Mark Nizer is the best juggler on the road today and very funny too. With 3-D in the show's title, the tickets flew out of the box office as fast as Mark can spit ping pong balls."
- Jeffrey Gabel,
Founding Executive Director:
Gettysburg Majestic Theater

"Mark has an awesome show. Mark is the first entertainer all year to receive a standing ovation. One of the best shows we have had..."
-Director of Student Activities
Waldorf College

"Mark Nizer is the genuine thing. More than an incredible juggler, he is a talented entertainer who can take any situation and run with exceptional blend of comedy and the art of juggling."
-Campus Activities Magazine

"Mark Nizer (I would fly around the world to see that act) was a show stopper!"
-Dan Halkyard/ Producer/Director
Rose Center Theater

Mark, it was an absolute pleasure on our part to work with you!! I’m still hearing from folks raving about the show today.
Eric Zala
- Mary C. O'Keefe Cultural Center

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