GET Mark Nizer 4D Tickets

CLICK HERE for INfo on the Show...

To Purchase Tickets follow these steps:

1. Click the RED TICKETS LINK below.

2. On the next screen click BUY TICKETS.

3. On the next screen enter the number of tickets you want and click QUICK PICK TICKETS or SELECT YOUR OWN.
NOTE: You will be able to adjust the ticket price for any $10 CHILD TICKETS (12 years and under) on the next screen.

4. On the next screen click APPLY DISCOUNT to change an adult ticket to a CHILD TICKET.

5. On the resulting pop-up window click the SELECT NEW PRICE button and choose Child (CHLD), $10.00), then click CHANGE DISCOUNT.

6. Check out and you are good to go.

If you need more this to guide you.

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