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Mark is extremely flexible. This info collected below is used to help decide what to bring and what the venue possibilities are. If you are not sure of a question no problem. Mark will work with you to make a fun, easy night. Remember Mark runs all lights, sound, video and automation himself. You can get more tech info and details on our SHOW RESOURCES page.
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Do you have a Fog Machine?
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Do you have a video projector?
If you have a Projector where is the video input?
Video input format?
If you have a Projector does it have a FULL BLACK OUT Shutter?
Do you have a Movie Screen or Cyclorama?
Do you have DMX?
Do you have lighting gels available?
Do you have Moving Lights?
If YES, what kind are they?
Are they in a different universe than your conventional lights?
What is the name and model of the light board?
Does your light board support midi show control (MSC)?
Is your lighting system on a Network like ETC?
If your lighting is on a Network what protocol do you use?
If your lighting is on a Network is there a Network port near the stage?
If your lighting is on a Network what is the IP address of the PRIMARY light board?
What DMX Channels in universe 1 do you have open?
Do you have WIFI available ?
WIFI Access Information:
Do you have Black Lights?
If Yes, are they connected via DMX?
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