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What is a projector shutter?

A projector shutter, iris or dowser is used to black out light/images to the screen from distant projectors while the projector is still on but not being used.

Why would I need a remote controlled projector shutter?

Video projectors by design emit light on the screen even with no video present, this is often undesirable during performances or presentations. For Mark Nizer's show this important because the extra light emitted from the projector diminshes the effect during the laser juggling segment. If the projector is in the booth a piece of cardboard can be held up in front of the lens for this routine.

Mark can bring a Remote Projector Shutter that solves this problems and does it simply and reliably, its shutter arm mechanically blocks all images coming from the projector by positioning itself directly in front of the projectors lens, it is made of lightweight aluminum to handle the heat from the projector and is fully operable from zero to 180 degrees in any direction. The actuator is DMX controlled which Mark can control from his laptop.


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