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Head Roll

A ball has never been controlled like this! A perfect bumper or segment (this segment works best with a studio audience).

TIME: 15 seconds to 1:30 minutes

Ping Pong Balls in the Mouth

Mark juggles 2, 3 and 5 ping pong balls using only his mouth.
Mark can also teach your talent to "spit" a ping pong ball out of their mouth can catch it.
A bumper, solo piece or interactive interview.

TIME: 15 seconds to 3 minutes

Bowling Ball , Tank, Cordless Electric Carving Knife

Mark juggles a 16 lbs bowling ball, a propane tank (fire marshall approved) and a running cordless electric carving knife.

TIME: 1 minute and 20 sec

Laser Diabolo

Mark's invention of the Laser Diabolo™ is an incredible light show that reinvents a old trick. This piece can be used as a bumper or a full segment.
TIME 15 sec - 3 minutes

Fans and Toilet Paper
Nizer Fans and Fog
This simple yet amazing piece will stun your viewers. You will never look at toilet paper the same again.

TIME 1:40 sec

You Do It
Nizer and Kid
The host or any volunteer does an amazing and hysterical stunt; with a little help from Mark.

TIME 2:00 sec

3D Promo
The host or any volunteer discus the 3D element of the 3D Show.

TIME 2:00 sec


More Credits

WGN Morning Show, Chicago, IL

CBS The Noon Show, Chicago, IL

WOR, New York City, NY

CNN Headline News
Los Angeles, CA

NBC 29 WVIR Nightly News
Charlottesville, VA

WOFL Fox 35, Orlando, FL

CBS 11 Dallas/Ft. Worth

ABC 16 Newsplex

ZTV Harare Zimbabwe



Sample Radio Spot

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Mark can customize this to any situation or event.

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