CAN YOU SAY GUILTY.... or rather libel.

OJ SimpsonWhat they're saying about Mark Nizer's OJ jury performance!

"Okay, he was good. Um, I think. No! He wasn't. Okay, what was the question again?"
Kato Kailin

"The whole Defense team liked him. We really did. There is no rift."
Robert Shapiro

"I'm not allowed to discuss it. Sorry."
Juror #5

"Isn't it true, sir, that your electric carving knife couldn't slice butter?"
F. Lee Bailey

"They couldn't find a black Juggler? Did they even look for a black Juggler? Did they do all they could to determine that there were no black Jugglers available? This is a conspiracy!"
Johnnie Cochran

"I liked the knives."
O.J. Simpson

Judge Lance Ito

"This trial has become a circus. Literally."
Marcia Clark

Original Press Release sent to CNN: Mark Nizer, performs for OJ Simpson jury!

Court was in session Saturday in the OJ Simpson trial; although the judge couldn't make it, the lawyers were not invited and OJ was "tied up". The special session was a guest performance for the jury and alternates by world champion juggler and comedian, Mark Nizer. Mark entertained the jury for an hour in the criminal courts building court room. "It was a unique opportunity to give something back to these people that have sacrificed so much time and freedom" Mark said.

Escorted by sheriffs deputies, the jury wanted to sit in their "regular seats" for the show. "At the end of the show, as the audience of 25 stood in applause, I couldn't help wondering if they were going to give me my verdict. If you can't get a standing ovation from people that can't go out, can't watch TV and can't talk to each other; it might be time to reconsider your career choice", Mark said.

While bouncing a ball on his head and juggling four hoops, Mark remarked, "Yeah, I have a lot of free time.....well, not as much as you guys!" While spinning 2 large hoops he said" if I do this just right.... I get cable...I bet you wish you did...all you get is the test pattern." The ensuing laughter showed the needed comic relief this supplied. "They're under incredible pressure. All we hear about in the media is will the jury be convinced of this and that. Looking at them, one on one, they seemed reasonable and intelligent. I felt we were in good hands."

Mark juggled 5 ping pong balls using only his mouth and ended the afternoon juggling a 16 lbs bowling ball, a propane tank and a running cordless electric carving knife. "I had to be real careful what I talked about" Mark said, "one slip of the tongue and it's mistrial city".


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