Nizer Cup Award Mark Nizer - The Nizer Cup
MARK NIZER was presented
at the International Jugglers Association Championships!
Mark Nizer was presented the Nizer Cup at the International Jugglers Association Championships. This prestigious award was present to Mr. Nizer in recognition to the invaluable contributions he has made to the juggling community. Since winning the International Jugglers Association Championships, Mr. Nizer's dedication, incredible juggling skills and business savvy has gone largely unrecognized. This award was created to rectify this.

Mark Nizer receiving the NIZER CUP™ at the IJA Championships.

"This was a total surprise", said Mark, upon being presented the largest juggling trophy ever created.

Mark Nizer presenting the Nizer Cup™ to the IJA's Individual Juggling Champion.

Note: The Nizer Cup™ is almost 5 times larger than the other juggling trophy.

Made of 24k gold like finish, The Nizer Cup™ is the largest juggling award ever created. At almost six feet in height it is five times larger than that other juggling trophy which is made of silver :-(.

"This is one big cup, I couldn't even fit it in my car", said Nizer."They say size doesn't matter! It does matter. This is one big cup!"

The following night, in a freakish turn of events, The Nizer Cup™ was destroyed in an unprovoked outburst from "rage-a-holic", Jason Garfield.

"His temper is legendary and the shocked crowd sat in stunned disbelief as all that is dear to the juggling community came crashing down", said Mr. Nizer.

The Nizer Cup™ is destroyed in a fit of rage by disgruntled IJA Champion.


There is a light at the end of the tunnel. The shockwave from the Nizer Cup™ destruction has reached far and wide. In a grass roots movement there has been an incredible fund raising effort to bring the Nizer Cup™ back, bigger and better than ever. The Nizer Cup Foundation L.L.C. has raised only $250,000.00; barely enough to cover its administrative costs.

Click here to donate and become part of the amazing group of people that support good over evil.

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