Mark Nizer Asked & Answered

1) What you do is pretty amazing - you take the old-school juggling act and you mix it up with modern-day technology. How did this idea for the show first come about?

The technology part developed over many years. I did college gigs for many years and often showed up at the show where are they wouldn't have people that understood the theater or how to do lights, sound, video or any theatrical stuff. In my early days, I had many remote buttons all over my belt and in my pockets that I would push to make things happen. Thanks to the inspiration and help by many technical directors, they helped push me in the right direction to build the show you see today.

I use a combination of new technologies, old technologies and create my own technologies, to create an interactive and original show that allows for a whole level of creativity that I normally couldn't have. For example the show has over 1200 like cues in it. To have a human run that would be impossible. The true engine behind the level of technology I am employing is a small piece of software called QLab that lets me merge all these controlling technologies together into one easy hub. I actually produce a podcast about that and other nerdy show control stuff at

2) Is saying you mix juggling with comedy and technology a bit of an understatement, in your opinion? What sort of personal ingredient do you bring to the table that none of your competitors are doing, would even attempt to do?

Juggling and comedy are two separate skills that when combined can make for very entertaining show. Too many jugglers get lost in the juggling and don't bring the audience into what they are doing. I wanted to build a show that pulls people in and is engrossing. Comedy is a great way to make a show more then it would be with only juggling. I did stand up for many years in San Diego, Los Angeles and New York City and developed all the original material that you will see in the show.

Because of my ability to combine technology and show control, I am able to create a pallet and set that would require a crew of 10 people to normally run. That being said, the technology and the control of the show is really secondary to the performance aspect itself. Being funny and using comedy to make people laugh is the key to my show. The greatest compliment I receive is "I've never laughed so hard for an my life". And that is the goal of every show.

3) What are some cool and amazing things are folks who attend your concert in Pittsburg expect to see?

  • I am going to take over every cell phone and tablet in the audience and use them to light the show. Please bring those devices with you.
  • I am going to juggle 4 lasers and create an incredible light show.
  • I'm going to play a piano by bouncing balls on it and may even take some requests.
  • A robot (or rather me in a robot suit) is to come up is going to come onstage and juggle and create a 4D effect (4D glasses will be supplied) that will blow your mind.

4) Finally, for someone who has never seen your show before, what do you hope he or she takes away with them once your show comes to an end?

My hope is that they will discover that my lifes work was worth all the effort. And that their expectations have been exceeded and they will never look at a one man show the same again.


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