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The Mark Nizer Story*

Mark Nizer is truly a remarkable entertainer, known for his extraordinary comedic antics and expert juggling skills. His performances have earned him high praise from critics and a place among the greatest comedians and jugglers of our time. Nizer's talents have been showcased on various platforms, including MTV, HBO's Just for Laughs, and esteemed shows like Arsenio Hall, Bob Hope and Other Young Comedians, Comic Strip Live, and LA Law. He has had the honor of opening for legendary figures such as Jerry Seinfeld, Bob Hope, George Burns, and many others. Even the late Bob Hope, a comedy icon himself, marveled at Nizer's continuous improvement, a testament to his exceptional abilities. Throughout his career, Nizer has demonstrated a knack for turning the impossible into reality and making the improbable seem likely. His one-man show has graced numerous venues worldwide, ranging from renowned comedy clubs like The Improv and The Comedy Store to iconic locations like Walt Disney World. He's been a staple on college campuses, major cruise lines, and has left his mark on countless corporate events, civic centers, festivals, and performing arts centers, including prestigious venues like the Kennedy Center and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Entertainment Magazine's declaration that Nizer is "the hottest juggler on the entertainment market" is a fitting testament to his exceptional talent. His performances, featuring a blend of original comedy, world-class juggling, movement, music, and cutting-edge technology, promise an evening that's nothing short of mesmerizing. Whether he's juggling laser beams at breakneck speeds, performing jaw-dropping feats with ping pong balls, or daringly handling flaming propane tanks and electric carving knives alongside a hefty bowling ball, Mark Nizer is undoubtedly the kind of juggler that might make even your mother raise an eyebrow. In summary, Mark Nizer's combination of comedy, juggling, and technological wizardry creates an entertainment experience that's not to be missed. His unique and daring performances have earned him a well-deserved spot in the pantheon of entertainment here for more nizer bio info

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