Nizer 4D Travels to Kuwait

Mark Nizer just performed for over 700 Equate Executives and Employees in Kuwait. The 4D show is the first one in the middle east. The show also featured one the largest LED screens ever seen!

Siri runs her first raffle.

Siri partnered with Mark Nizer to give away $10,000 of iPhones, iPads and Galaxy Notes at a recent performance. Siri also entertained the crowd with jokes written for the event. The grand prizes were trips to Paris and London.

Mark's new show includes his latest gadget. The Dimension Beam™This new piece of technology allows Mark to create music while juggling and hitting a specially programmed midi pipe. Along with the music it also generates a spectacular light show. See the new video here!

Mark helped SKYPAC (Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center) open it's brand new facility this past week. Ticket sales exceeded expectations with over 1100 packing the house. This state of the art facility features the best in performing arts. Jerry Seinfeld was there the night before Mark took the stage.

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