Mark's People

So you want to "Be One of Marks' People" ?

Well you've come to the right place. Email me your photo and caption and I will evaluate its merit and consider you for listing on this prestiges web page. If you do send a photo and it is accepted you will receive a FREE Mark Nizer Temporary Tattoo™.

Nizer earth in his hands

Benefits Include:

  • Full access to Marks' personal 900 number. (Charges will apply)
  • You may look Mark directly in the eyes on everY third wednesday.
  • Mark will let you carry his luggage.
  • You may buy me breakfast.
  • Stinky show socks available on request.
  • You waive your right to sue Mark Nizer™ for ANY reason.
  • Exclusive access to web content not available to anyone else. (Preview)
  • Mark can show up and sleep at your home without any warning. Please have a hot lunch ready when he wakes.
  • If you actually read all of these and still want to join (and do), Mark will send you a free Mark Nizer™ Tattoo©!

nizer people
The Jenkins and Greene families of North Carolina have seen several Mark Nizer shows. The children wear T-shirts that read, all together, “Remember 3 things: 9-1-1.” They chatted with the performance artist, second from right, after his show Saturday in Martinsville. From left, they are Teylor Jenkins, Olivia Jenkins, Joey Greene, Lindsay Jenkins, Simon Jenkins, Mark Nizer, Nicholas Greene. The Jenkins kids are the children of Katherine and Steven Jenkins of Weddington, N.C. The Greene kids, their cousins, are the children of Gary and Julie Greene of Raleigh, N.C.

Philadelphia Plowden
Recently this "THUG" hung with Mark on tour. We had a great time.
Check out his web site.

Marks People

Ryan and Cole - Two of Marks' "SPECIAL" People!!!
Cole was recently released from a iHop halfway house.

ohio people




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