Funny juggler thrills Ocean Springs students with amazing stunts
By Trang Pham-Bui
Published November 4, 2010

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - He uses ordinary objects in the most extraordinary ways. Some of his props are dangerous, like machetes.

Juggler Mark Nizer travels all over the world performing his outrageous tricks. On Thursday, he gave two special performances in Ocean Springs for hundreds of school children.

"Kids rarely go out and see these anymore. So they're exposing them to art of juggling, what juggling is," said Nizer.

"I'm so glad you can laugh at my pain," he said as he bounced large balls on his forehead.

The show also tied juggling to education. Each teacher received a study guide that covers math, science and physics lessons.

"The science of juggling and centrifugal force. I'm actually creating my own gravity field my spinning that ball on my finger," Nizer explained.

Nizer knows how to balance his juggling skills with the right touch of comedy.

"Awesome! I really liked that robot one. That was funny," said eight year old Jesse Gorgione.

Jesse was referring to a routine in which Nizer danced and juggled balls while wearing a glow-in-the-dark robot costume.

"I think he's amazing because I cannot do all those tricks and probably most people in here couldn't," said eight year old Ava Greer.

"To see them laugh and have a good time and teachers have a good time, it's all worth it," said Nizer.

Nizer's message to the students was simple: Pursue your dreams, no matter how odd they may seem.

"If you think about making a living, being a juggler is impossible," he said. "But for 38 years, that is what I've done. And I have a good life. I'm very lucky."

You can witness his amazing juggling skills in a one night only performance at the Mary C. in Ocean Springs. The show is Saturday night at 7:30. For tickets, you can call (228) 818-2878.

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