UNH alum juggles back into MUB
Peter Bauer PhotoBy Karin Dubreuil
Staff Writer - The New Hampshire

Students packed the MUBs Granite State Room on Sept. 8 hoping for a night of laughs and entertainment from a juggling comedian but never anticipated the dumbfounded feeling they would walk away with that night.

University of New Hampshire graduate Mark Nizer rocked the over-capacity crowd of students with his awe inspiring talent, hilarious comedic a ties and true performing talent headlining the show: "Mark Nizer: The Juggler Your Mom Did Not Want You To Know About".

The show opened with a movie of him juggling while hang gliding. While in the air, he dropped a ball from up amongst the clouds and it hurtled through the sky. The audience watched as he landed the glider and proceeded to run through the town. Next -the audience watched on the big screen as he, ran through the MUB, until he was there live busting through the doors of the Granite State room, catching the failing ball as he entered.

Nizer wasted no time as he brought the audience to tears both from their laughter and from pure amazement at his talent.

Juggling pins as he spoke, Nizer told of his beginnings. "I learned to 20 years ago with my brother, my sister and my dog; well, you need three things".

His extensive resume includes first place in the international juggling championships,1998 comedy entertainer of the year, collegiate entertainer of the year and many more recognitions. He has appeared on the "Arsenio Hall Show," "MTV," "Entertainment Tonight," "Caroline's Comedy Hour" and "The Jerry Lewis Telethon," just to name a few.

Students were stunned by his unique juggling techniques and creative tricks, He juggled five ping pong balls 20 feet in the air using only his mouth, spun and bounced balls, balancing them strategically from the tip of his finger to the dent on his forehead. He dazzled the crowd, juggling fiery torches, cigar boxes and five clubs at one time. He broke out a unicycle, acrobatics and so much more, using crowd participation to heighten the excitement.

The smoke machine offered an awesome effect as he demonstrated the "Laser Diablo," his own invention. The Diablo merges juggling, light and technology into a spectacular visual presentation. The four lasers be ing jugged flew across the room at 1000 rpms, with the spinning laser beams dancing just above the audience's heads.

Those who attended enjoyed a great pride in the UNH alumnus who joked of his experiences at the University throughout the performance.

As he juggled a 16-pound bowling ball, a fiery torch and an electric knife, he smiled and winked to the audience offering, "Look at me, I'm a UNH graduate ... and look what I'm doing with my life!"



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