The Grand hosts Mark Nizer for the Summer Theatre lineup

By Andre Lamar
Community News

Wilmington, Del.
— This week acclaimed juggler Mark Nizer will kickoff the first of six events from The Grand's Summer Children's Theatre lineup.

Nizer's event, "Expect the Impossible 3D Show," will run on Thursday, June 30 at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Admission is $5.

Here are a few things to know about Nizer and "Expect the Impossible."

1. How it started. Growing up, Nizer's mom signed him up for juggling class. After learning how to juggle, he instantly became arrested by the sport, as he found it to be "very addicting," he said. Over time he honed his skills and won the International Juggling Championships in 1990. Then he won the comedian of the year in the 1994 APCA convention.

As a result of juggling, Nizer has toured the world, opened for Bob Hope (including flying with him on his private Learjet), Ray Charles and several other entertainers.

2. Expect the Impossible. Whether he's juggling balls while laser beams circle his face at 1000 RPMs, or launching a handful of ping pong balls 20 feet in the air using only his mouth, Nizer always wows the crowd. He's even been known to juggle the unlikely combination of a 16-pound bowling ball and a buzzing chain saw.

His upcoming show at The Grand won't be anything less than amazing, either. During his performance, he'll include comedy, music and special effects in his act. Moreover, he'll incorporate 3D technology into the show, and audience members will receive a pair of 3D glasses when they arrive at the theatre.

Nizer's 3D aspect of the show is unique, as he performs while wearing a green robot suit, in which he stands in front of a blue backdrop and juggles red props. The significance of the colors is that they create a "4D" effect, he said. The color of his suit creates an effect in which it appears to move towards the audience, while the blue background recedes into the foreground and the red props are balanced in between the colors.

3. One-man army. Nizer can control the lighting, music and all of the other production functions of his show, simply by clicking one button on his specialized belt. The way this works is that he connects his MacBook to the venue's lighting system, as it gives him control over the venue's lights, sound system, etc. The specialized belt has become a very useful tool for the performer, since he no longer has to train a production crew to remember the precise locations and timing for all of his lighting and sound cues.

4. Preparation. Although it may seem like Nizer performs his juggling act effortlessly, the guy puts a ton of work into perfecting his craft. He's constantly in the gym, and he works on his routine daily. Also, he's always observing objects from around the house, as he knows he can use everyday items as new props for his act.

As for staying focus while juggling, Nizer said it's really about feeling in sync with handling your props, instead of thinking about your next move. But it doesn't happen overnight.

"There's a point when you start to let it come out of you, and it's really a good feeling," Nizer said. "It's good for the body."

5. One of a kind. He might juggle chainsaws and other crazy objects, but Nizer isn't stupid. He realizes that most jugglers would love to be in his shoes.
"I'm one of the lucky few people who gets to live their dream," he said. "Whoever thought you could juggle ping pong balls with your mouth?"

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