Staller Center: Mark Nizer Live in 3D
Stony Brook Independent By amarzullo
March 27, 2011

The words, "Your brain will return to you at the end of the show" is projected from a screen right before Mark Nizer took the stage in the Staller Center for the Arts on Sunday afternoon.

Nizer who has been juggling on stage for 20 years performed with an interjection of technology, 3D effects and fog that made for one entertaining and mystifying experience.

He has done shows at different locations and venues all across the world and has won numerous awards including first place in the International Juggling Championships.

Nizer juggled everything from bouncy balls, knives, torches, clubs, ping-pong balls, rings, a bowling ball and even a carving knife.

Although the audience was filled with giggling children who were amazed at what was happening on stage, Nizer was very comical as he joked and made references that children often did not understand because of their age.

They gave out paper 3D glasses, a sure-fire fashion statement, to wear during select parts when Nizer juggled in 3D. I have never seen anything like that before.

By far the best parts of the show were the 3D performances the included Nizer in a costume that had glow sticks attached to him while he juggled glow in the dark bouncy balls.

My favorite act however was when he seemed to turn the Staller Center stage into a Rave scene. Glow sticks and a Chinese yo-yo, which had red lasers built into it, shinned into the pitch-black theater. The techno music with a strong thumping base started to play as the culmination of lasers and glow sticks made extraordinary partners and sequences.

It was very visual and enticing to the eyes. Fixated eyes from all over the room focused on the stage and watched in wonder.

The combination of technology, lasers and his complicated juggling patterns was as the brochure says a show "Not Just for Kids." Indeed, it was a show fit for all ages.

The show concluded with two fans standing in the center of stage. Nizer, dressed with lights and two roles of toilet paper, placed the roles of toilet paper on the fans and up into the air the paper jutted like streamers up towards the ceiling.

On a side note: The Staller Center has some very good shows. If I were you, I would go check them out. They have student discounts!


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