Show of 'impossible tricks' hits SKyPAC

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When Mark Nizer works, he strives to do the unbelievable.
"It's a one-man show of impossible tricks," said the Charlottesville, Va., man in a phone interview with the Daily News. "I try to come up with stuff that is totally different and have never been done before."

Nizer does a 4-D show that incorporates lights, lasers, juggling and comedy.

"You wear these special glasses. When you put the glasses on, you get this crazy weird separation. It's very unique. I built a big robot suit. It's sound sensitive, so it can pulse to the music," he said. "I balance a soccer ball with a stick in my mouth. That's something from vaudeville days. Then I bring technology that's never been done before."

The comedian, who has received international and national awards for his skills, will perform at 7:30 p.m. Saturday at the Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center. Ticket prices range from $8 to $16.

"I run lights through a special computer program. It gives you light cues," he said. "Performing in a beautiful new theater is going to be great. I'm really excited."

Nizer doesn't take the stage alone. The show is co-hosted by iPhone personal assistant Siri.

"She runs everything. Things don't always go smoothly," he said, laughing. "I got a new iPhone. It's fun and frustrating to use it."
SKyPAC Programming Director Jan Zarr has known Nizer for several years. He believes the audience will enjoy the show.
"I've been presenting for 22 years. I have presented Mark in the past when I was in North Carolina at a venue there. I know his talent and what he can do. He's an extraordinary entertainer," he said. "It's family oriented. He's clean and continuing to hone his act. It's very interactive. It's an amazing show."

Youthful liveliness brought Nizer into the world of juggling when he was in seventh grade.

"My mother thought we had too much energy. My twin sister, brother and I were forced to go to juggling class," Nizer said, laughing. "I loved the feeling. I loved learning. The class was great."

Nizer became a street performer and was "mentored by some people who meant a great deal to me," including legendary comedian Bob Hope, who ran a national contest that Nizer won.

"I did USO shows. It was an incredible experience," he said. "He was a big mentor to me. He was a huge help."

Travel is still part of Nizer's life.
"I go all over the world," he said. "I travel most weekends, and I'm home during the week."

During his down time, Nizer looks for things to add or change in his acts.
"I walk around toy stores and hardware stores," he said. "I use metal pipes and make tones and sounds with them."

Some ideas take years to develop, and some never make it to the stage, but Nizer doesn't mind.
"I have a garage full of failures. I never let logistics get in the way of the creative process," he said.

Nizer loves sharing his humor with the audience during his shows.
"I think people are surprised by the humor," he said. "Making people laugh is the greatest feeling."

Entertaining is Nizer's passion.
"I like to say I perform for free, but I'm paid to travel," he said. "As long as I can walk, I'll still be doing it."

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