Local performer Mark Nizer combines many moving parts to create something unique. He describes himself as a comedian, juggler, inventor, and tech control geek. He also refers to himself as an object manipulator.

"I was using a buugeng, those white sticks early, and I'm never releasing them or letting go of them, so I'm not really juggling in that sense. I'm just sort of moving things around to make interesting patterns, so that's kinda it. A lot of juggling is never releasing anything," Nizer says.

While to many, art may be described as paintings or sculptures, Nizer explains that his act is in the same category.

"It's art in the sense that I am creating a picture on a stage, and it is performance art in the sense that it kinda is going to happen just at that moment, and it's not something that you can keep aside from your mind. It's not performance art in the sense that it's not really crazy, and I'm not rolling around in a bag of mayonnaise. Although, maybe I should. I haven't gotten a lot of requests for that yet," he jokes.

His act includes many elements, all run by technology that fuels the lights, music, and props, and with so many moving parts, one has to ask. What is the source of his inspiration?

"Anyone that likes to play and make stuff.... That kinda creative process, keep playing, keep kinda inventing stuff, and I always find that no matter what that is, if you love to play enough, it can become a job, if you really are that into it."

Nizer has made a living from thinking outside the box, and that message is one he hopes his audience will take with them.

"That's kinda the message I tell people in my show, particularly to younger kids who have this idea that they have to go into this, this, and this, but if you do truly love something enough, it really can be your passion."


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