'Live 3D' comes to Amp tonight

The Chautauquan Daily
Suzi Starheim | Staff Writer

Lasers, bowling balls, electric carving knives and comedy will fill the Amphitheater at 7:30 p.m. tonight. These all play a part in "Expecting the Impossible: Mark Nizer's Live 3D Show," a special Wednesday entry into Chautauqua's Family Entertainment Series this summer.

Nizer, who has been working to perfect his act since he took juggling classes as a child, won the International Juggling Association Championships and has performed at such venues as the Kennedy Center and the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

Nizer said he plans to bring plenty of juggling, comedy and 3-D lighting effects to tonight's performance. He added that incorporating comedy allows him to form a stronger connection with the audience. This means that while Nizer is juggling a variety of potentially dangerous objects, he is also working to make the crowd laugh.

"A lot of comedians rely on finding some common ground with the audience," Nizer said. "I make that connection because we're all experiencing that same kind of challenge together."

Though it may go unnoticed by most in the audience, Nizer utilizes a unique tool to bring the various aspects of the show together.

"I designed this unique system that lets me run everything from my belt," Nizer said. "I want to truly have it be a one-man show."

Nizer controls all aspects of the show, from audio, lighting and video to fog machines and lasers. The only assistance he'll receive this evening is having an individual throw him one of his props from the side of the stage.

Everything is controlled from his belt, which is programmed to change button settings for each routine in his act. Audience members typically don't even notice that Nizer is controlling the special effects.

"It's hard to even notice it's happening, but the whole goal was to make it an easy thing to do," Nizer said.

Nizer said although some of the smaller children in attendance tonight may not understand all the comedic aspects of his show, the use of lighting, music, juggling and lasers means that there is something for everyone.

"It's perfect for everybody," Nizer said. "It crosses all ages."

The early start time of the event and Chautauqua's outdoor Amphitheater will provide Nizer with a unique experience; the ambient light will allow him the rare opportunity to see the people he is performing for.

"It'll be an interesting experience to be able to see the audience," Nizer said. "I can usually only see the first two rows."

Nizer said his show will be approximately 75 minutes long, and he will single-handedly entertain the audience the whole time.

"I'm always tickled by people saying, 'I haven't laughed so hard in my whole life,'" Nizer said. "I'm going to expect people to have a great time and laugh. It's definitely different than anything you've ever seen before."


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