Nizer to pull 4D out of Center audience.

By Jason Suder Jackson Hole Daily

Comedian, entertainer and juggler Mark Nizer will bring his act to the Center for the Arts at 6 p.m. Sunday.

Nizer says he grabs the third dimension and takes it further, employing special glasses to combine flat videos and 3-D performances to build something new.

Nizer creates optical illusions by forcing colors away from objects and sending them around the room. Reds come forward, blues move backward and the greens just float, he said.

"It creates this strange dimensionality that you don't see in the real world," Nizer said.

From juggling glowing balls that appear to pop over the audience to spitting pingpong balls and tossing propane tanks, Nizer guarantees a good time.

"My newest thing is I take over all of the cellphones and they become lighting instruments," he said.

Don't worry, there is no NSA control, but by opening Nizer's webpage on your smartphone, viewers become part of the show.

"We all sync up together and become sort of a living, breathing organism," he said.

here is even a musical component in which Nizer plays a floor piano (a la the movie "Big") and also plays instruments he has invented.
But what is entertainment without a touch of comedy? Nizer toured the college circuit for 20 years, during which time he brought academics to stitches with his nuanced humor.

"College kids will get it, grandparents get it, kids may not get the subtlety," Nizer said. "It's like watching 'Finding Nemo' and having jokes on all different levels."

So far the act has landed Nizer on MTV, HBO, Arsenio Hall and an array of venues across the world.

Anyone older than 8 is welcome to attend. Adult tickets cost $29, and student tickets cost $17. For information or for tickets call 733-4900 or go online to

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